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How to make a Terrain Model or Sand Table?

There are several ways to make a Terrain Model or Sand Table but it really depends on how much time and effort you want to put into it. In most cases, you should be able to create a simple terrain model kit in about 20 minutes. Here are some basic steps:

  • Select a secure area to construct the terrain model.
  • Layout 550 cord to represent grid lines on the map coordinates of where the operations will be conducted. Label each grid coordinate respectively.
  • Shape the terrain to match the terrain you are representing (e.g. hills, valley, spur, draw, etc). Terrain features should correspond to the specific grid they are located in on the map. Use vegetation and chalk to show color differentiation.
  • Use colored yarn or chalk to represent roads, rivers, streams, trails, primary and alternate routes.
  • Layout and label friendly and enemy units, elements, key linkup and rally locations, danger areas, movement routes, control measures, weapon systems, formations, and buildings. It is very important to ensure labels are waterproof and are weighted so they do not damaged by the rain or blown away when it is windy.