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How much does it cost to make a Terrain Model Kit (TMK)?

Approx. $40 – $45 for a Squad Terrain Model Kit (TMK); however, the more correct answer is “It depends”. Why do we say that?

When we were conducting our product research, we sent out twenty people to purchase and make a a Squad level TMK. We focused our cost based on twp things: 1) Time spent; and, 2) Costs. Time spent included developing the items, travel to the store for lamination or purchasing the items and time to cut out pieces and putting the Terrain Model Kit (TMK) together.  Cost accounted for dollars spent in printing, laminating, research, items purchased and their time. After all twenty kits were complete, we averaged out the cost per each person and the average was $43.00. Further research revealed that these homemade kits only lasted in the rain for about two uses and personnel had to spend more money on re-laminating their labels. This was an additional cost of $10. Based on this problem, we invested the money to develop a developed a waterproof kit that is NOT laminated paper and will last for years to come. My Leader Source produces a Squad Terrain Model Kit (TMK), a Platoon Terrain Model Kit (TMK) and Company level Terrain Model Kit (TMK) that range from $34.95 to $54.95 and they do not tear apart after using them in the rain.