My Leader Source has 3 Mobile Applications that are focused toward electronically grading military Physical Fitness Test. All of our Apps are universal for Apple and Android devices. Our apps allow leaders and fitness testers to electronically score fitness events (e.g. push ups, sit ups, ammunition lift, etc) in real time by using their smart phone or tablets. The Apps also incorporated a internal stop watch to record each person’s time when they cross the finish line for aerobic events such as the run. Let us do your calculations and send them to use through email so you don’t loose precious hours of sitting behind a desk when you can be at the gym.

The Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) eGrader is used to administer the test in real time and provide real time results. Unlimited number of personnel can be graded on the phone and is perfect when used with an iPad or Nexus. The mobile app includes the ability to enter height and weight to determine if the individual meets Army standards and also determine body fat calculations by entering in specific measurements.

The Marine eGrader is used for scoring their Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and Combat Fitness Test (CFT). Similar to the APFT eGrader, the mobile app allows a user to administer the test in real time using the smart phone as a scorer. It also allows the user to enter height and weight to determine if they are in accordance with Marine standards. If an individual does not meet the initial screening, the user then can input specific measurements to determine if their body fat percentage.

The Upper Body Round Robin (UBRR) is a common physical fitness test used by many Tier I and II Special Operations Units. This test goes well beyond the typical scoring of push ups, sit ups and a run. Our mobile app has all the information to properly conduct the test and score it in real time. Immediate results are given after each exercise is completed.

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