Perimeter Defense Kit


My Leader Source’s Perimeter Defense Kit is the premier product for organizing your defense plan. Documents key elements such as fire plan, security plan, alert plan, sector sketches, range cards, etc.

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Our Perimeter Defense Kit provides all the necessary components to develop an all encompassing base defense plan for Patrol Bases (PB), Forward Operating Bases (FOB), Advanced Operation Base (AOB), Command Observation Posts (COP), Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC) and much, much more. Use this with our Terrain Model Briefing Kits and you have all the tools for a comprehensive plan and briefing stage.

Perimeter Defense Kit Features and Benefits

  • Professional Presentation
  • Light and durable for field use
  • Easy storage (in a ruck, vehicle or operations center)
  • Detachable components allows for ease of distributing to subelements
  • Hard plastic and waterproof graphics for permanent and non-permanent marker use
  • Loops that hold chemical lights for night operations


  • Portfolio Storage Case with non permanent marker
  • Detachable sector sketch drawing area (3 pie pieces) with concentric rings for to scale representation
  • 3 Range Cards
  •  Perimeter Defense Information Card
    • Administrative and Quick Reference Data
    • Detailed Notes Section
  • Detailed Information Card
    • Fire Support Data
    • Alternate Position Data
    • Priority of Work Info
    • Notes Section

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 × 11 × 1.5 in

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